August 30, 2020

095–Bookin’ w/ Randall Kenan

It is with a very heavy heart that I present this week's episode of Bookin' with Randall Kenan.  Randall Kenan was a wonderful person and an extraordinarily gifted writer who is gone from this world much too soon.  He left us with a wonderful new collection, If I Had Two Wings, which was published by our friends at WW Norton and Company.  Much of our recorded discussion sounds much different than it did just two weeks ago as we sat down to record it.  I am happy we got the opportunity to discuss If I Had Two Wingsand I am happy to have gotten the opportunity to know Randall Kenan.  He will be missed.

Topics of discussion include Robert Johnson at the crossroads, Time, Howard Hughes and Elon Musk, a Proustian sense of taste, Bill Withers, only missing a place when you are there, and ghosts.

Copies of If I Had Two Wings can be ordered here with free shipping.  

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